9:00 AM0:15Welcome
    9:15 AM0:45Keynote by
    Prof. Benjamin Lok
    10:00 AM0:15Stretch
    10:15 AM0:15Paper 1:
    Observations on Social Good Applications Created by New Developers

    Stephanie Carnell and Benjamin Lok
    10:30 AM0:30Break
    11:00 AM0:15Paper 2:
    Augmented Visual Instruction for Surgical Practice and Training

    Daniel Andersen, Chengyuan Lin, Voicu Popescu, Edgar Rojas Muñoz, Maria Eugenia Cabrera, Brian Mullis, Ben Zarzaur, Sherri Marley and Juan Wachs
    11:15 AM0:15Paper 3:
    Development of a Multi-Sensory Virtual Reality Training Simulator for Airborne Firefighters Supervising Aerial Wildfire Suppression

    Rory Clifford, Simon Hoermann, Mark Billinghurst, Humayun Khan and Rob Lindeman
    11:30 AM0:15Paper 4:
    Degraded Reality: Using VR/AR to simulate visual impairments

    Pete R Jones and Giovanni Ometto
    11:45 AM0:15Paper 5:
    Transformative Experiences become more accessible through Virtual Reality

    Ekaterina Stepanova, Denise Quesnel and Bernhard Riecke
    12:00 PM1:30Lunch
    1:30 PM0:15Paper 6:
    Using Virtual Reality to Study Health in the Home

    Ross Tredinnick, Gail Casper, Catherine Arnott-Smith, Alex Peer and Kevin Ponto
    1:45 PM0:15Paper 7:
    Urban future: Unlocking Cycling with VR Applications

    Svetlana Bialkova, Dick Ettema and Martin Dijst
    2:00 PM0:15Paper 8:
    Immersive Media for Environmental Awareness

    Matthew McGinity
    2:15 PM0:15Paper 9:
    Future Agriculture Farm Management using Augmented Reality

    Mingze Xi, Matt Adcock and John McCulloch
    2:30 PM0:15Stretch
    2:45 PM0:15Paper 10:
    Can Lucid Dreaming Research Guide Self-Transcendent Experience Design in Virtual Reality?

    Alexandra Kitson and Bernhard E. Riecke
    3:00 PM0:15Paper 11:
    Employing Synergistic Interactions of Virtual Reality and Psychedelics in Neuropsychopharmacology

    Matthew Moroz and Robin Carhart-Harris
    3:15 PM0:15Paper 12:
    VR and Empathy: The Bad, the Good, and the Paradoxical

    Matthew Moroz and Kat Krol
    3:30 PM0:30Break
    4:00 PM1:30Discussion session and closing
    5:30 PMAdjourn